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USG Gypsum Corporation

For more than 100 years, USG has built an ever-growing portfolio of groundbreaking products backed by unparalleled service. In the last decade, we have demonstrated our resilience by continuing to invest in purposeful innovation, expanding into different markets and by working smarter and faster. All to help our customers achieve their visions.
Product Lines
  • 3-Dimensional Panels
  • 3-Dimensional Suspension System
  • Acoustical Panels
  • Acoustical Suspension System
  • Acoustical Suspension System Accessories
  • Acoustical Suspension System Angle Moldings
  • Acoustical Suspension System Channel Moldings
  • Acoustical Suspension System Shadow Moldings
  • AdvanceSpan Suspension System
  • AR Firecode X Panels
  • Ceiling Cloud Suspension Brace
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Ceiling Suspension System F Moldings
  • Channel Accents
  • Decorative Clouds
  • Drywall Suspension System
  • Elite Ceiling Suspension Trim
  • Fiberock Brand AquaTough AR Interior Panels
  • Fiberock Brand AR Interior Panels
  • Firecode C Gypsum Panels
  • Firecode X Gypsum Panels
  • Firecode X Plaster Base
  • Foil Backed Gypsum Panels
  • Glass-Mat Liner Panels
  • Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough
  • Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough AR Firecode X
  • Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough VHI Firecode X
  • Glass-Mat Tile Backerboard
  • Gridless Metal System
  • Gypsum Base Imperial, Firecode C
  • Gypsum Base Imperial, Firecode X
  • Gypsum Liner Panels
  • Illusion Panels
  • Linear Metal System
  • Logix Integrated System
  • Luminous Infill Panels
  • Metal Canopies
  • Metal Panels
  • Mold Tough AR Firecode X Panels
  • Open Cell Decorative Suspension System
  • Open-Cell Ceiling Panels
  • Sheetrock Brand Flexible Gypsum Panels
  • Sheetrock Brand Gypsum Panels
  • Sheetrock Brand UltraLight Panels Mold Tough
  • Slim Perimeter Trim
  • Specialty Suspension Systems, Hangers and Tools
  • Suspension Trim
  • Transition Moldings
  • Translucent Canopies Panels
  • Ultra Code Gypsum Panels
  • Ultracode Core Gypsum Panels
  • Ultralight Gypsum Base Imperial
  • Ultralight Panels
  • Ultralight Panels Firecode 30
  • UltraLight Panels Firecode 30
  • Ultralight Panels Firecode X
  • UltraLight Panels Firecode X
  • Ultralight Panels Mold Tough (Regular and Firecode X)
  • USG True Wood Panels
  • VHI Firecode X Panels
  • Wall Mounted Panels
  • Wall-to-Wall Drywall Suspension System
  • Wood-Fiber Panels
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